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After 40 years of business we have made the difficult decision to close on February 20, 2021. We are grateful for all the wonderful customers and consignors who walked through our doors. ALL items will be reduced starting February 1, 2021. Please stop by and say good bye before we close February 20, 2021. Lisa Hudson, owner

Policies and Tips

You (the consignor) will receive 60% of the actual selling price and The Clearing House retains 40% of the selling price for items priced $31 or more. For items priced $30 or less, the sale is split 50/50. Checks are mailed by the 15th of the month for items sold the previous month.

Item Condition

We cannot stress enough the importance of clean items. Take the extra time to polish your silver before you bring it in. Launder the linens thoroughly. Furniture, jewelry and knick-knacks should also be clean and dust-free. Items sell more quickly when they look their very best, which means more money in your pocket.

The Clearing House LTD has the right of refusal if items are not in good, re-sellable condition upon arrival. This includes stains, scratches or other damage not evident via email photos.

Pricing Items

We budget about 30 minutes for a consignment session. If it is your first session with us, we recommend that you bring in no more than 10 or 12 items in order to allow time for any initial questions you may have. If you have furniture, bring in a photo of it to help us get an idea of what it is and how to price it.

During your session, we will work with you to determine the best price for each of your items. We draw on our extensive experience in the field, books and other reference materials and appraisers when necessary to provide additional expertise. All of this is done so that you may sell your item quickly and at the best possible price.

After an initial price is agreed upon, the item will be placed on the showroom floor. Prices are then automatically reduced by 15% every 30 days or until a 45% maximum reduction is achieved. Remember, though, that you are free to remove your item from the showroom floor at any time if you so desire. We will be happy to help you with this request.

Seasonal Items

Seasonal items sell best, of course, during their particular season. We have found that people don't want to look at patio furniture in the winter or fireplace equipment in the summertime. Therefore, please use the chart below to determine the best time to bring in your seasonal piece.

March to AugustSept to Jan/Feb*
Patio furnitureChristmas items
FlowersFireplace equipment

* Please note that we only take fur coats from Oct through Dec.